5 Coolest Music Gadgets for Studio

Music is an essential part of life. We all have our favorite genres and artists, but there’s also something to be said for being able to play music on your own terms. Whether it’s practicing with friends or jamming out with a new band, taking up an instrument or learning how to improvise like jazz musicians do—you can always find something fun and inspiring that will keep you motivated as a musician or producer. And while there are plenty of instruments out there (and plenty more coming soon), there are also some really cool gadgets out there that help make creating music even easier! Here are some top picks:

1. Akai Professional MPC Live

The Akai Professional MPC Live is a little bit of everything. It has 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads with RGB feedback that are MIDI-learnable, plus four touch strips for playing sequences or triggering samples. And it can be used in either mono or stereo mode, so both you and your audience can hear the same thing at once—a cool feature when you’re DJing live! The MPC Live also features an internal memory of 4GB (enough for 30 minutes of looping), 512MB RAM (for up to 3 hours of recording), USB 2.0 port for connecting to your computer when needed, as well as laptop charging capabilities via its included power adapter pack with cable length up to 1 meter long (3 ft).

2. BOSS Waza Air Wireless Guitar Amp

If you’re looking for an amp that you can take with you on the go, the Waza Air is a great option. It’s built around a wireless transmitter and receiver, allowing you to use your electric guitar or bass with it. There are several built-in effects such as chorus, delay and reverb available out of the box; however if those aren’t enough for your needs then there are also plenty of extra features available through downloadable apps (or even direct control over them).

The Waza Air has metronomes built into each channel as well as tuners so they’re ready to go when inspiration strikes!

3. EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Reverb

The Afterneath is a digital reverb pedal that’s designed to be an alternative to the classic Echoplex. It’s got a lot of options for tweaking your sound and it’s really easy to use, but it can also work well in conjunction with other gear if you have access to more channels.

The Afterneath comes with three different types of reverb: Hall, Plate, and Spring. All three have different tones that can be adjusted using onboard controls (including delay time) and an external expression pedal input so you can change those parameters during live performances!

4. Korg Volca Modular Synthesizer

Korg’s Volca modular synthesizer is a small, portable, and affordable way to get your hands on some analog goodness. The Volca Modular can be used as a stand-alone synth or with other Volcas, and it even has MIDI inputs so you can connect it to your computer and use it as a MIDI controller.

The best part? You can get all three versions of the Korg Volca Modular for less than $100!

5. Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums

The Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums is a drum machine that can also be used as an instrument. It has a built in sequencer, which allows you to quickly create beats using its step and trigger buttons. It also comes with an expression pedal for more precise control over your playing style.

This drum machine offers up some of the best features found on other products in this price range including:

  • An 8×8 pad grid for creating intricate patterns
  • Built-in metronome function that helps keep time while practicing

Roland has been making music gear since 1959 and they know their stuff!


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If you’re looking for a new piece of studio gear, we hope this list has given you some ideas. Each item on this list is great for different reasons and each offers something unique that may not be found elsewhere. Whether you’re just starting out as a musician or have been doing it for years, there’s something here for everyone!

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