Sounwill Bluetooth Folding Keyboard Review

I’ve had my Sounwill Bluetooth Folding Keyboard for a few months now and I have not been disappointed. It’s a great keyboard that is easy to fold up and store away when not in use, but it also gives you the opportunity to type without having to worry about whether or not your laptop will be able to connect with it. The keys are well-spaced out and are comfortable for long periods of typing. This product is very durable as well; I’ve dropped mine several times without damaging it at all!

Why did you choose to write a review of this product?

I chose to write a review of this product because I wanted to share my experience with other people who are looking for a good keyboard.

I also read reviews from websites, like Amazon and Best Buy. This helped me decide which one was best for me.

Finally, my friend recommended Sounwill Bluetooth Folding Keyboard as an excellent choice!

What is good about the keyboard?

The keyboard is a good typing experience, with smooth keys that don’t require much effort to press. The keys are made from plastic and have a rubber coating that makes them feel more comfortable.

The Sounwill Bluetooth Folding Keyboard also has a built-in rechargeable battery which can last for up to six months on standby mode (without being used). This means you’ll never have to worry about charging your keyboard again!

The wireless range is also impressive – up to 33 feet! It may not be enough if you’re planning on using this device in an apartment block but it’s enough for most homes or offices where there are walls between devices and people walking around outside the room where they’re located.

Is there anything that you think could be improved about it?

  • The keyboard is a bit small. This could be an issue for some people, so I’d recommend checking out other keyboards if you’re looking for something larger.
  • It isn’t backlit (but it does have an LED indicator). This is not a problem for me personally, but if you like having an illuminated keyboard this might not be what you want.
  • It isn’t waterproof either—though it does have an IP67 certificate rating and will survive being submerged in water for 30 minutes at a time with no issues! You can use the Sounwill Bluetooth Folding Keyboard on your next trip down to the pool or beach without worrying about getting soaked by rainwater or sand particles splashing onto your device when typing away on-the-go (assuming there aren’t any other factors involved too).

Would you recommend this product to others? Why or why not?

If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable and easy-to-use Bluetooth keyboard, then this is the one for you. It’s very affordable and has many great features that make it worth investing in.

The Sounwill Bluetooth Folding Keyboard has a good battery life (up to 20 hours) which means that it can last on your desk without needing to be charged. It also connects easily without any issues when used with Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Final Words

Sounwill Bluetooth Folding Keyboard is a great keyboard for those who are looking for a portable, lightweight, and easy to use Bluetooth enabled keyboard. This keyboard has excellent battery life and fast charging capabilities. The only problem with this product is its price tag, which might be too high for many people’s budget.

If you are looking for something that is lightweight but still has decent quality features then Sounwill Bluetooth Folding Keyboard will do just fine in your needs!


Overall, the Sounwill Bluetooth Folding Keyboard is a great option for those looking for a wireless keyboard with an integrated touchpad. It’s also very affordable and easy to set up, which makes it a great choice for anyone new to computing who wants an alternative to their laptop or tablet.

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